Cavascura is a natural hot spring where it’s possible to reexperience the ancient times of the Romans.  During all the years since it was building, nothing has changed. You can still bath in its Roman grottos and see its little waterfalls descend from the mountain at the temperature of 90°.

The spring is situated 300 meters from the Maronti Beach. If you follow the rivulett of hot thermal water you will see a very colorful and unique natural scenery.  The main colour is violet of the flowers,  thenfollows brown of the rocks,  yellow of the brooms, and various tones of green of the shrubbery. On the top you can see a pall of plants, on the floor, next to the little river, wonderful green musk. Thermal water

At the end of the path, you can already hear the ripple of the spring and see the ancient Roman grottos. Take a relaxing bath and dunk in this wonderful nature. There are also some hot showers and a natural sauna as well as many cosmetic treatments and massages.